PK’s LW Active Loop 185-500kHz

Ideal for 200-505kHz Aeronautical Beacons LW broadcast chasing
Review by: Neil G4OFV
Rating: 5/5


This is a nice rugged 40cm diameter active receiving loop ideal for home or travelling and will take a lot of abuse if travelling rough, simple construction and design but works great at a cool price.

I have been using the loop for the last 2 months when travelling and the loop has survived in a soft bag in the hold of a plane, I am total satisfied with this product and wouldn’t travel without it.

I have tried various other commercial receiving loops which work great at double/triple+ the price and just stay in the house because they are too delicate to take out side / travel with. As I write this my 3 PK's loops are chucked on the floor from ware I pulled them out of my travel bag with my dirty washing something I would never be able to do with a AOR or Kiwa loop product for fear of damage (sorry about the washing Paul).

Connection to radio

Nice connection to radio via BNC female socket and requires external PP3 9 volt battery, I did a small modification to mine with a small internal 12v battery like those used in car alarm remotes still hasn’t gone flat after about 10 hours of non continues use.

Radio used with

I’ve manly use my PK's loops on my Sony SW55 and SW100 portable receivers and gives an excellent improvement on received LW frequency’s. When connecting to my base radio Icom 9000 which normally has ALA 1530 Wellbrook base loop when switching between loops not much between the two compared to the PK smaller size. Note both loops were tried out side away from man made noise.

What’s down on LW

Ok what do I use the loop for apart from broadcast stations I also like to search for aeronautical and marina beacons on LW frequencies when travelling. These are low power max 50 watt CW beacons at the end of airfield runways to assist planes to fined airdromes. When connecting the loop to my radios I can hear many beacons I couldn’t hear before without the loop, also gives the added big advantage of being able null out local interference. Looking forward to going out in the UK this autumn when conditions have picked up and really start to look for remote signals, Paul also said he can make a loop for 137 khz amateur band!

In use

The loop is light and works just fine on a table top or equally easy to hold and rotate in hand to peak or null signals. When holding loop in hand the tune knob is very easy to peak with a single finger if loop is held above your something I do a lot when outside.

Would I recommend one? A big Yes

Try one you won’t be disappointed I was so stratified that I brought the MW passive and active loops also. I use the passive at home on a portable to peak a Dutch radio station I listen to and take the active MW and LW loops when travelling or just DX’ing away from the house.

A great product at an excellent price, don’t be put off from shipping from Australia I was very surprised at the shipping cost but check to see if there a duty loop hole. In the UK if item description is electronic components or gift then no VAT or import duty will be charged hopefully!



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